Thursday, May 14, 2009


A colonoscopy is one of the most common procedures for diagnosing and evaluating Crohn's Disease. Anyone with any kind of intestinal disorder will be more than familiar with it. I for one insist on being knocked out for the procedure, but I know other people who like to be awake to watch the monitor as the camera snakes it's way through their large bowel. I know of others who've been given a DVD of the procedure, which I find both intriguing and weird.

So today I decided to see if I could find some footage of the colonoscopy. I know, I seriously need to get a hobby.

Explanation of a Colonoscopy

CSIRO Colonoscopy Simulation Rendering

This is obviously not real. I can pretty much guarantee my intestines aren't that pristine.

Actual Colonoscopy

This is what a healthy colon looks like.

There are plenty more but most of them are pretty disgusting, so I'll let you trawl through YouTube for colonoscopy's to your hearts content.


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