Friday, February 15, 2013

Poo in a box

First things first, 'Poo in a Box'. It's a thing. I bought it as a shit (sorry!) gift for my brother while we were in the UK because... well, come on, it's 'Poo in a Box' and it sure beats the "all I got was this lousy keyring" gift. Basically its various seeds encased in elephant, reindeer or rhino poo. You plant in the garden, give it some TLC and it grows into a plant that you can forever tell people came from the crappiest (you can slap me for that) gift ever. I'm still shocked I managed to get this through customs. All I can say is that having a toddler on the verge of tantrum shooting "Don't mess with me buddy" death stares at everyone can only help you.

Poo in a Box
I've neglected this blog. I'm aware of it. I want to blog more often and I have about 25 to 30 draft blogs waiting patiently to be finished and posted and I swear to myself that I'll look them over on the weekend and blog at least one. The weekend comes and goes and I don't give the blog a second thought and the cycle repeats itself over and over again.

The problem is that this is a blog about my life with Crohn's Disease and I just feel like I don't really have anything else to say about Crohn's Disease. Aside from the periodic flare-up I'm doing ok. I have an issue with a stricture that continues to be a pain in the arse (I'll slap myself for that one!) but otherwise it's business as usual.

I could write superficial pieces about various medications or new treatments available that I've researched from the net, but honestly, if you're looking for information about these things you should really speak to your doctor not seek out the opinions of random bloggers. There is so much misinformation and personal experience stated as fact that I'm personally pretty wary of anything I read on the internet. You should be too (except when it comes to Poo in a box, that's the real McCoy).

Also I don't want anybody looking to me as though I'm some kind of expert just because I can regurgitate stuff I find via google. The only thing I'm an expert on is my particular brand of Crohn's as it relates to me. That's a pretty small area of expertise.

Lack of direction, not lack of time is the problem. We all have 24 hours in a day. ~ Zig Ziglar

I like the blog, I don't want to kill it and I definitely don't want my Crohn's to start going ballistic just so I'll have some writing fodder. Given all that it doesn't really leave me any where to go...
So I guess the blog is on hiatus... unless I just put the Crohn's side of it all on hold an blog about anything that takes my fancy but that feels a bit unfocussed and aimless and to be honest all that scope just leaves me staring at a blank screen wondering what to say. I guess I'll ponder it awhile.

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