Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why are we waiting...

So I arrived for my Infliximab at 9am this morning and as I was heading towards the elevator, my mobile rings. It's the co-ordinator (and I use that term loosely) of the transfusion floor telling me they've lost my prescription and so don't come in." Um... too late my friend, I'm already here.

I'm now sitting in the cafe where there's internet access, very patiently waiting for them to sort out getting hold of my prescription so I can get my Infliximab. He said it could take up to an hour. I scoffed, pffft, yeah right! You usually have me waiting at least that long when you have the stuff. He flinched at that and I suddenly felt bad. Sometimes I snap first and think later.

Anyway. It's been an hour. I'm still waiting. So much for having an early transfusion and having the rest of the day to myself. I have a feeling I'm going to be here all day.

Stay tuned!


Update ***

At about 11am I got a phone call from my specialist who apologetically informed me that the research nurse (I'm sure I've blogged about her before, she's the worlds most incompetent person, she constantly messed up my Humira prescriptions when I was on that and single handedly caused me to be SIX weeks without medication) up and left on Friday, giving 3 days notice, and leaving everything up in the air. They can't find my paper work, symptom diary, blood results and so medicare will not release the medication. He asked me where I was and upon discovering that I was just downstairs he came down to see me. He has to have seen me within 10 days of writing the prescription it seems. Freebie!

Long story short, I can't have the Infliximab today. We completed all the necessary paperwork again and he assures me it'll be fine to go in a couple of days. Unfortunately, my only availability is on a Wednesday and next week I have the dentist scheduled, there is no way I'm going to delay getting it for two weeks. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens.

It's so unbelievably bloody frustrating.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Maze Grill

Having Crohn's Disease means that I have to be selective about what I eat. I can't just shove whatever I feel like into my mouth. Extended periods of illness also means that sometimes I can't eat. Most of the time I can only manage one meal a day and so I want to make that meal count. Over the last year or so I've become more interested in cooking, cooking shows and celebrity chefs.

I'm a big fan of Gordon Ramsey. I know we're not supposed to admit that. He's not at all like that lovable and all round good guy Jamie Oliver. He's crass, he cheats on his wife and by all reports is a real prick. I don't care. I like good food and regardless of what you may think about Gordon Ramsey's character, there is no denying, the man knows how to cook and he knows how to run a restaurant. Imagine my delight when I heard that he was finally opening a restaurant in my home town!

Last night we ventured out to Gordon Ramsey's new Melbourne restaurant Maze Grill. It was everything I hoped it would be. With it's open kitchen, friendly staff and soft lighting, it has a lovely atmosphere.

We were greeted by an impeccably groomed, friendly hostess who showed us to our table. We were immediately approached by our waitress who took our drink orders. Shortly after our drinks arrived another waiter came and explained the menu to us. Maze Grill is apparently inspired by New York grill restaurants, whatever that means. Essentially the menu consists of steaks and seafood from various locals. I chose a Tasmanian grass fed rib eye while my other half went with a New Zealand grain fed cut. We also got a numer of sides, french fries, onion rings and thick chips.

Bread was delivered to the table while we waited for our meals. I love that. Complimentary bread can make or break a dining experience for me. The bread consisted of rye bread and a warm chive roll with New Zealand salted butter. They are very big on telling you were everything is from at Maze Grill. My wine was from France, his beer from Hong Kong. The steak and sides arrived. The steak was fantastic. Tender. Cooked medium rare to perfection. Interestingly, the side relish that accompanied the steak tasted exactly like the sauce on a Quater Pounder at McDonalds (Sorry Gordon).

When we were finished, we passed on dessert (too stuffed), the waiter placed on the table several chocolate lollipops! Dark chocolate mint, milk chocolate and something the waiter called "popcorn" chocolate. Essentially, chocolate with that stuff in it that fizzes and pops on your tongue. It was the most wonderful unexpected surprise.

The bill arrived. They'd charged us twice for something but very promptly reconciled it when it was pointed out. We left a 15% tip and another impeccably dressed, friendly host came to show us out. Before he did, he asked us if we would like a tour of the kitchen which we both accepted. The kitchen was a hive of activity and in true Gordon Ramsey fashion, it was spotless.

I would definitely go again. :-)