Sunday, January 30, 2011

#Kittensaga: a twitter epic

A mother cat just brought her litter into our yard to play. The kittens are so cute and fluffy. Luckily, I saw them before our dog did!
12:40 AM Jan 17th

The little kitten's back, but tonight he's all alone :-( and it's raining :'-(
8:45 PM Jan 17th

{from twitter friend} bring him inside and give him food he can be your new kitty :D
8:46 PM Jan 17th

{@above} he'll be lunch for the dog, besides I can't reach him, he's on the garage roof. Poor thing.
8:50 PM Jan 17th

Lost kitten is now dry and fed. Where's his mum???
9:04 PM Jan 17th

What am I supposed to do with this little guy? Given half a chance the dog will eat him. I put him out side and he just cries.
9:17 PM Jan 17th

9:26 PM Jan 17th

I have made him a little nest out of old towels/cardboard inside the dog house. He'll be safe & warm and hopefully his mum will come looking
9:44 PM Jan 17th

Found it, or rather the dog did, cold and wet huddled behind a pot plant. It’s again dry and warm.
7:48 AM Jan 18th

Dog barked it’s head off and now kitten is stuck on the roof again. Did I mention I’m late for work and it’s raining?
8:02 AM Jan 18th

That's three times I've rescued this kitten now. Talk about high maintenance! Now it's pissing down. I foresee a dash home at lunchtime.
9:18 AM Jan 18th

Asked around at work if anybody wants this kitten. ALL said I should keep it. Somehow I expect the dog & {my other half} will strongly oppose...
11:26 AM Jan 18th

What’s that thing cats do with their feet when they're getting comfortable and about to go to sleep called?
6:26 PM Jan 18th

Well the kitten does that foot kneading thing and purrs when it eats.
6:33 PM Jan 18th

Kitten is now having a ball with some cat toys I found (my other half’s idea) Dog is perplexed by the odd noises coming from the laundry.
8:13 PM Jan 18th

Kitten and dog now happily ignoring each other while I watch TV.
9:09 PM Jan 18th

Kittens gone :-(
7:47 AM Jan 19th

Ignore my previous post about the kitten being gone. He has returned and is currently safe and warm with a heat pack in the laundry.
9:06 AM Jan 19th

Last night the kitten's mother showed up, with 3 more kittens. I fed her brood and she holed up in the dog house with them all.
9:35 AM Jan 19th

This morning they were all gone. Or so I thought. Deciding to do a quick lap around the yard before I left for work, I discovered...
9:36 AM Jan 19th

that the poor little guy had once again been left behind. :-( He was huddled behind the pot plant looking very sad and sorry for himself.
9:37 AM Jan 19th

After warming him up, feeding him and giving him a nice heat pad to curl up on. I have left him all cozy in the laundry.
9:40 AM Jan 19th

At this rate, the poor bloke is going to use up all his 9 lives before he's even 2 months old!
9:41 AM Jan 19th

{@ twitter friend} I'd say he has been rejected. Poor guy. He's not smaller, but he is a completely different colour and has long hair.
10:17 AM Jan 19th

{@ twitter friend} The other kittens were all short haired and dark tabby/black colours. Poor fella. Oh well he's safe now, I'll keep him inside.
10:18 AM Jan 19th

{@ twitter friend} They’re definitely strays. I'd guess that the mother cat was probably dumped by a callous owner upon having the kittens.
11:32 AM Jan 19th

There should be higher consequences for irresponsible pet ownership. People shouldn't be allowed to get away with being cruel & thoughtless.
11:36 AM Jan 19th

I can't decide whether the dog is curious or hungry when she watches the kitten lick itself... Is that drool?
6:02 PM Jan 19th

Dog checking out her lunch ;-p
8:05 PM Jan 19th

8:15 PM Jan 19th

Just playin'
8:19 PM Jan 19th

Kitten just learned the hard way why it's not a good idea to pounce on the dog. Surprisingly, everybody's unscathed.
9:29 PM Jan 19th

{from my other half to a mutual friend} Did you see what {me} has been doing? I'm sure I only had a dog when I left a week ago!
2:10 AM Jan 20th

{from the mutual friend} I know, what's the deal there? Damn, your dog should have eaten the cat by now!!!
2:13 AM Jan 20th

{@ mutual friend} The dog likes kittens.... but she could never eat a whole one ;-p
8:14 AM Jan 20th

Kitten's first vet appointment this morning. Poor guy has been sneezing all night.
8:23 AM Jan 20th

The dog just ate all the kittens’ food and then looked up at me triumphantly. Yes honey, I'm very proud.
8:45 AM Jan 20th

How long do you suppose the dog will keep staring at the kitten for? Going on an hour now.
6:23 PM Jan 20th

He's got cat flu, but the Vet thinks he's over the worst of it. They gave him a wormer and he'll get vaccinated on Monday.
7:01 PM Jan 20th

The Vet loved the kitten, kept saying "oh he IS champagne, a cool, calm and collected chap" it was funny.
7:03 PM Jan 20th

Feeling pretty relaxed
7:47 PM Jan 20th

He's pretty ballsy too. If the dog gets too close he starts growling, which just makes the dog even more curious. lol
7:56 PM Jan 20th

I was preparing the kitten's dinner and he starts doing laps around my legs meowing his head off like he owns the place.
8:22 PM Jan 20th

When the fluff ball wakes up in the morning everybody wakes up.
7:25 AM Jan 21st

Dear Kitten, kicking a piece of kabana around the floor is not helping your relationship with the dog.
5:48 PM Jan 21st

Just realised the pen the Vet gave me has a LASER pointer on the end of it! Oh this is going to be sweet...
9:25 PM Jan 21st

OMG laser pointers work on dogs too!!!!! Fun for the whole family.
9:29 PM Jan 21st

11:34 AM Jan 22nd

Last night the dog played with her ball in the yard while the kitten happily played nearby in the garden.
11:38 AM Jan 22nd

This morning both kitten and dog sat within a meter of each other waiting while I made their breakfasts. This is promising.
11:39 AM Jan 22nd

Hello! I see you!
11:42 AM Jan 22nd

Why does pet food reek so bad? both of them hanging about breathing on me is disgusting. Can U get breath mints for cats & dogs?
8:16 PM Jan 22nd

Tweedledum & Tweedledee are chasing each other around the couch. May change the #kittensaga hashtag to #madhouse cos that's where I live
9:38 PM Jan 22nd

Kitten just flicked my bra strap. I think I've just been sexually harassed.
9:42 PM Jan 22nd

Kitten just fell from the top of the stairs. He was running around sideways like they do and charged through the bars. He's ok.
11:04 PM Jan 22nd

Kitten is sporting a fat swollen eye this morning. ?
8:30 AM Jan 23rd

{from twitter friend} Wasn't from the flying leap off the stairs by any chance?
8:59 AM Jan 23rd

He landed on his feet (as they often do) in the middle of the floor, don't recall him hitting anything on the way down but maybe?
9:02 AM Jan 23rd

He was fine last night. The swelling has gone down and that kitten isn't bothered by it.
11:36 AM Jan 23rd

The dog is chasing the kitten around the kitchen table. When I stop her, the kitten meows loudly and insistently. Guess they're friends now.
12:03 PM Jan 23rd

So, what do we make of this???
1:08 PM Jan 23rd

Imagine how boring life would be without crazy animals?
1:15 PM Jan 23rd

I'm hoping these two will become friends and play with each other. I worry the dog is too bored on her own so much
1:36 PM Jan 23rd

The dog is actually quite besotted. I can't quite believe it.
1:39 PM Jan 23rd

Feeling somewhat irritated by intrusive houseguests. There is shit everywhere and they have taken over my laptop and the TV.
2:04 PM Jan 24th

Also feeling discouraged that kitten and dog have been scrapping all day. I have them separated now.
2:07 PM Jan 24th

{from twitter friend} Sounds like you have visitors from hell … sick the kitten onto them!
2:28 PM Jan 24th

{@above} lol flying fuzzball with claws coming at you could be a little scary, except the little bugger purrs on contact.
3:02 PM Jan 24th

If you put it anywhere near your mouth the kitten concludes its food and wants it. He just took my pen.
6:05 PM Jan 24th

Kitten diarrhea'd all over itself & kicked up a fuss when I tried to clean him. I said "Either I clean this off or you do. Think about it."
6:43 PM Jan 25th

I won in the end and interestingly the kitten decided splashing around in the shallow water in the laundry sink was a fun game.
7:03 PM Jan 25th

Kitten took a flying leap off the back of the couch in the direction of my dinner. Luckily he's as subtle as a freight train
9:29 PM Jan 25th

I caught him mid-flight. His little face went from mouth-open excitement to gutted in under a second.
9:38 PM Jan 25th

he meowed his little head off before gearing up for the jump. He may as well have said "Hey I'm having some of that"
9:44 PM Jan 25th

Kitten just stuck his fat head in my coffee, then the dog licked him. Can nothing that enters this household be normal?
10:19 AM Jan 26th

Told the pets in no uncertain terms that there's to be no shenanigans when {my other half} gets home. I'm looking at you no-name!
7:07 PM Jan 26th

{from twitter friend} No name kitten :| the poor guy is a nowhere man sitting in no where land…
7:09 PM Jan 26th

{from twitter friend} time to give baby a name. He's been home from the hospital far too long now.
7:08 PM Jan 26th

{@ above} hopefully no-name will have one within the next couple of days lol
7:27 PM Jan 26th

Suspect kitten is feeling a little under the weather today. He's subdued and off his food. Even the dog is leaving him alone :-(
11:04 AM Jan 27th

Someone! Gimme a hug pleeeaaassse!
7:28 PM Jan 28th

The dog just chased the kitten under the bed. Watching them both skid around on the floorboards was comedy gold.
8:21 PM Jan 28th

The cat has finally got a name ..... *drum roll* .......he is ..... "Zargon the Almighty, Destroyer of Worlds".
Jan 29th

oh its totally so lol Speak to {my other half}, I said he could name the kitten, and boy, did he.
Jan 29th

I'm not looking forward to registering his name at the Vet next week. lol
Jan 29th

He's staying. The other half is quite smitten. Dog is indifferent and Zargon is ruling the house as he should lol
Jan 29th

Zargon the Almighty, Destroyer of Worlds... Destroying stuff
Jan 29th

Ever since giving the kitten the name Zargon the Almighty, Destroyer of Worlds, he's become a feisty little bugger.
Jan 30th


  1. Sounds like someone's fallen in lo-ove...
    - Kez

  2. Wow, I'd completely forgotten about this. I'd set it on draft because it was unfinished. Guess there's a 12 month limit to drafts. lol