Friday, October 8, 2010

Move Over Crohn's Monster

My Crohn's monster is going to have to learn to share. I'm not sure how it will feel about it given that it's had the run of my body all to itself for so long but it has no choice. For the next six months anyway, the Crohn's monster will have some company since I'm 14 weeks pregnant.

We had the ultrasound last week and everything is as it should be. "You're baby is structurally sound" were the words of the technician. All early screens have come back with positive news. There are no indicators of downs or any medication-induced difficulties. :-D

Needless to say I was not expecting to be pregnant. We had no plans beyond 'maybe one day in a time of remission' to start a family and to be honest, left up to us to make, it probably wouldn't have happened. However now that the universe has decided to make the decision for us, we are both thrilled. I am so excited and so impatient.

Beyond immediate family members and my best friend I haven't actually told very many people. I didn't want to tell people and then have to untell people if the news wasn't good. Now that the ultrasound has come back with good news I've been telling people the news all week.

I'm exhausted!

Anyway, how does the Crohn's impact on the baby? Good question, I'm glad you asked. I'm on Infliximab which is a category B1 drug. This means there is no evidence that it crosses the placenta but more evidence is needed particularly during the late stages of pregnancy. I'm told by my GI that I can have the infusions right up until two month before my due date which means I'll only be unmedicated for two weeks. Methotrexate is a giant No-no, but fortunately we stopped that in February. I also have to take a slew of vitamins because, the Crohn's has depleted me.

Otherwise, everything is pretty good. I was fortunate that the infliximab has actually done a pretty great job of getting the Crohn's monster to pull it's head in and behave. That, coupled with the fact that I cut back my hours at work and have given myself a chance to recover, my body is actually in pretty good baby growing condition :-)


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  1. Congrats!!! My crohns was very well behaved during both my pregnancies. I wish this for you too.