Friday, February 12, 2010


When I first started working in my current job, about 5 years ago, absolutely everybody smoked. We'd all go out on our breaks together and a 5 minute smoke break easily became a 20 minute break.

Then oneday, quite out of the blue, a woman decided to quit. She'd had a major health scare, but chose not to tell anyone. She announced that she was quitting smoking. We all rolled our eyes.

One by one though, we all quit smoking for various reasons. I quit because of the Crohn's Disease and I was getting sick of being chained to this habit.

Now only one person in the office smokes and every time he goes downstairs for a cigarette, we all roll our eyes...


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  1. Oh wow i was actually talking about a similar situation with someone the other day. I was a hardcore rebel (not that much just stubborn) smoker and I work with all smokers, like answering phones is uber stressful- whatever- and now that I have quit its disgusting smelling the smoke and I roll my eyes are smokers in my head now haha.