Wednesday, December 23, 2009

There are no stupid questions

Today I saw a surgeon as follow-up to my recent surgery. She looked up at me after a quick glance at my file.

"You have Crohn's disease." She said.

"Yes." I said. Well spotted.

"Ever had diarrhea?"

"Um, is a bear Catholic?"

"I make it a point never to discus politics with patients" She glanced back at the file. "You've had surgery to dilate a stricture. What was that for?"

It was all down hill from there...



  1. I hope your kidding. That's ridicolious!

  2. But... bears aren't Catholic. So no big D for you? lol

  3. wow... can we see the downhill part, too? this is already phenomenal, but the sadist in me wants more. it's so depressing that so many doctors are actually like this.

  4. BrightSide... You're right, probably should have asked if the Pope shits in the woods...

  5. Ragamuffin... Part two is coming. It involves a medical certificate. Stay tuned lol